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For sixteen years, I have successfully worked with couples and individuals to rebuild broken relationships and make personal changes that result in peace and hope. I help my clients work through anxiety/depression, codependency, conflict and disconnection, infidelity and other issues that challenge relationships, self-worth and identity. I teach practical skills and help clients maximize their individual and relational strengths. I provide a kind and supportive environment for adults who are working through life's transitions, at any age. 


My goal as a therapist is to help you find lasting solutions to your struggles, so you can build the life you want with the people you love. I strive to help clients build the relationships they want by providing support and insight from my formal education and experience as a practitioner, as well as my personal history.

Partnering with my clients is an honor that I find exciting and inspirational. My job begins by creating a safe space where people can feel comfortable sharing difficult and vulnerable aspects of themselves they feel they cannot address alone or share with others. Working with each client at his/her personal pace, allows us to slowly uncover the reasons for the current discomfort they are experiencing. Together, we forge a future with improved self-awareness, better communication, reconnection with loved ones and new skills to manage what is yet to come.

My past professional experience in the high-tech industry gives me a unique understanding of the pressure associated with demanding careers, achievement-oriented anxiety and high-stress work environments with lofty expectations. I understand the impact and influence these jobs can have on those who work in tech and other challenging industries, as well as on the people who are important to them. 

I have a Bachelor's Degree from Texas A&M University and a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Houston. I have been practicing for 16 years and hold current and active credentials to practice in California (Lic#93561), Oregon (Lic#T2243) and Texas (Lic#201240). I am also a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists and Psychology Today.

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